Must Have Gear to Compete in Wrestling

Wrestling is one of the most captivating sports and many people cannot walk away from the television when games start. If you decided to start wrestling, the thrill would be even more. To be allowed to compete, you need the following gear.

Wrestling shoes

The shoes are very important and should be packed first before anything else. Though wrestling at lower levels might be a little lenient, players in competitive wrestling must have the right shoes. The shoes should be light, fitting and feature the right arch support for extra stability. It is advisable to select laced shoes for easier adjustments on demand.

Wrestling uniform

In wrestling, all players are required to have the right uniform. The least that will be accepted is a pair of shorts and a workout tee shirt. The ideal uniform should be loose but not oversized or baggy. The target should be getting a uniform that allows you to make the right move with no restrictions. If you are fighting at the competition level, it is advisable to follow the recommended theme in terms of colour, patterns, and even design.

Head gear

Because wrestling involves bringing the opponent down, it is not surprising to fall with a thud and harming the head. To guarantee your safety, it is a requirement that you have the right head gear in all competitions.

Head gears are available in different sizes to allow all wrestling enthusiasts get a perfect fit.  For beginners, the head gear is soft while those for more experienced wrestlers are harder and heavier.

Wrestling Singlet

Singlet is a single garment that looks like a special tee-shirt joined with a wresting short. Singlets are made using nylon or Lycra to give the user extra elasticity as wrestling intensifies. Teams of opposing sides wear varying colours on the ring.

Mouth Guard

Wrestling can get very rough and result to injuries if players do not have all the protection. Just like you secured the head, the mouth and chin need to be protected using a mouth guard. The guard will help to prevent injuries on the lips, teeth, and cheeks.

Wrestling kneepads

As you shoot the opponent down or try to force the way up, you do not want to risk your knees. Many wrestlers who do not use the knee pads find themselves at high risk of injuries and staying out of the game as they recover. Make sure to get fitting wrestling kneepads and secure them well before the competition begins.

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