Best Wrestling Colleges in the US

While wrestling is always fun and enthralling to watch, every fight presents new challenges to wrestlers. To become a top wrestler, you have to get the right skills preferably from one of the top colleges. The colleges have put intensive wrestling programs that will equip you with all the needed skills to become the best in the ring. In this post, we bring you the list of the best wresting colleges in the US.

The art of success in wrestling by the top colleges

To get the coveted title of a champion at any level, it calls for hard work, commitment, focus, and patience. Most importantly, you have to seize every opportunity to get down and wrestle. The top colleges have programs where wrestlers keep practising under the watch of the trainers. You can also utilize local clubs, camps, and open fields to practice various skills.

Everything demands patience. Well, you cannot wake up and expect to become a champion because the trainer has introduced a new trick. Rather, every skill requires practice to perfect. It is advisable to learn one skill after the order to become an all rounded wrestler and apply the best in competitions.

The moves only work rarely if you lack the right set up or you lack the right counter to the opponent. Wrestlers must learn to read the moves of the opponents and prepare appropriately to counter or make a move. At higher levels, you will be able to apply both (move and counter) and wrestle like a pro. That should be the target.

No matter how high you are placed at the college, regional, or national level, you can only keep sharpening the skills by taking on those who are better than. They will demonstrate that there is a lot that needs to be done and, therefore, keeps you motivated to improve progressively. In addition to taking those who are better than you, you have to keep the eyes on the world wrestling champions and how they did it on television, YouTube and individual websites.

Best Wrestling Colleges in the US

College Score ’12 U.S. News Rank APR [Out of 1,000] National Ranking ’11/’10/’09 STACK Factor
1. Cornell 100 15 967 2/2/5 24
2. Wisconsin 92.51 42 956 10/4/9 72
3. Stanford 91.40 5 972 11/28/NR 192
4. Iowa 90.68 71 972 3/1/1 24
5. Virginia 89.07 25 978 23/15/34 132
6. Minnesota 88.63 68 961 7/7/14 84
7. Ohio State 87.91 55 953 29/8/2 132
8. Penn State 83.07 45 928 1/9/17 48
9. Lehigh 80.86 38 985 8/17/28 12
10. Oklahoma 80.78 101 976 16/5/31 120

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